You’re ready, you’ve got a plan, and you can picture it in your head… but how do you start making it happen? What kind of content should your business create to communicate with its fans and provide useful information to keep them coming back?

The first step in determining what to post/share, etc., is to comprehend the WHY and HOW of Social Media.

There were newspapers, television, and radio before social media. All three are crucial parts of a marketing mix, and all three include interesting and informative material that keeps readers coming back for more. These advertising media include shows, articles, and programs that do not pay the bills and serve just as a draw. Once they have your customer’s attention, they are primed and ready to promote your product or service.

Social media is a lot like that. All of your pages, whatever they are, contain substance, the information you supply, your point of view on events, and your opinion on a topic – in other words, your shows, articles, and programs. If you publish and develop relevant original material, you are providing something useful for your customers to return to and continue coming to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Blog… which successfully supports your brand.

Customers decisions are heavily influenced by their emotions. Social media allows your company to interact with its consumers. It fosters rapport, connection, friendship, trust, and concern. Clients who are emotionally attached to a product have an easier time making a decision. A devoted emotional customer will pay close attention to your marketing message.

Content is more than just uploading new items every day. The best way to figure out what’s good for your brand is to experiment with new things and track their success or failure, then adopt them depending on your fan’s and followers’ responses. Consider various themes, such as sharing or producing, questions or polls, what time of day to post, what day of the week to publish… all of which have an impact.

Sharing is beneficial, but sharing everything you discover and of similar-minded businesses might be detrimental. If you are a hotel brand and are continuously posting material from travel publications and websites, your customers may eventually choose to visit those sites directly since they are richer and likely give more information. Share, but not too much. It is critical to share and express your thoughts, to start a debate about a subject you are posting, and to change the topics and sites you share. Do not allow other companies to use your page to market their message.
At the end of the day, the best way to communicate is to develop and share original material. You can be certain that no one else is providing what you are. You’re probably wondering what I can say uniquely and consistently. Plain, simple, and enjoyable… anything you desire.

Social media is made up of routine, fantasy, and hurried events that happen daily. So have fun with it! Imagine you are the social media genius at your Curacao hotel and you also reside on that little island. You dine at local restaurants, visit local coffee shops, and visit local art galleries. You are familiar with the beaches, island transportation, where to go and where not to go, as well as the finest and worst night areas. It’s your day-to-day… dull… but for anybody wishing to visit Curaçao? To someone who hasn’t had a vacation in a year, eats lunch at their desk, and travels an hour to work? It’s a miracle.

You undoubtedly believe that chatting about your lunch at your hotel’s beach restaurant in January under 86 degrees of blistering heat, or sharing an Instagram of a Caribbean Coconut Shrimp Soup you’re enjoying for lunch, is dull! Tell it to folks in Boston during a cold front, and your postings become the most intriguing thing they’ve seen in a long time; your brand ROCKES!
Fans like fan discounts, promotions, and offers. Some can provide them, while others cannot. How far can you push yourself? Are you a sole proprietorship or a franchise? The answer is dependent on your success and what you can or cannot achieve.

If you own a small company, your options for promotions and discounts are almost limitless. If you are a franchise, you may provide “Fan-only” promotions with extra value (free rental vehicle, a bottle of wine, park admittance, etc.) for a more enticing and successful bargain. According to research, 40% of fans “like” discount and deal sites. So offer your followers discounts, specials, promotions, or just SOMETHING SPECIAL that will make them happy.

Content is more than just information. Photos, discounts, RSS feeds, philanthropic causes, videos, feeds from other social media sites, and so on may all be included. All of this may be uploaded immediately to your wall or in a new tab. You may be wondering what tabs are and how to make one. Leave it to the specialists or, at the very least, utilize existing templates from websites, wildfire, offer pop, or any of the many others available on the Internet.

Finally, develop original material in any shape or form. Use images of events, photos of contest winners, posts to engage your followers, sales messaging, fascinating information, and so on, all about or linked to your company. This is not a brochure; it is about social media. Make your fans happy. Success!


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